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The Universal Uniform of Über-Euro Males

Tina Gaudoin on Style: How to Perfect the Tanned, Sockless, White Shirt, Cashmere Sweater Look of This Billionaire Subclass … 

For starters, the Über-Euro male (UE) would never been seen carrying a man bag. He’s a car keys, wallet and Marlboro Light carrier. Here’s the subtext: “I drive an Audi/Aston/BMW/vintage Merc; my wallet (ancient Gucci, or more recent Bottega Veneta or Valextra) is full of platinum credit cards that, given my credit rating, I could never max out; and yes, I smoke, particularly in places I’m not meant to, during dinner, after a squash match and long before I remove my jacket or anything else on intimate or formal occasions.”

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